August 16, 2012

A Delicate Finish

Author: Fine Ideas Furniture

Sometimes you need a tough finish and sometimes you don’t.  In the case of a dining table I prefer to use a finish that will endure most of the punishment that normal dinners dish out.  And yes the pun was intended.  I use conversion varnish, which in short, is a post catalyzed film finish that is about as tough as you can get.  Little Bobby however, could still damage it with a fork tine.

Sometimes I want a delicate finish which for me is a concoction of tung oil, varnish and wax.  This is more of a subsurface finish.  Why would I want that you may ask?  Because I’m a tactile kind of person and when I look at and then touch a nice piece of wood I want to see, touch and feel the wood and not a plastic film.  The down side is it needs a coaster under your drink and a wax from time to time.  Delicate requires a bit more maintenance but is well worth it for the beauty and feel factor.

I remember once when doing some operation (other than stocking brick and mortar) with my dad that required a higher level of feel and touch, I was wearing work gloves.  My dad said to me ever so gently NOT! “Do you wear your gloves when you hold hands with your girl friend and does she?”  “No” I said.  His point was and still is, sometimes you need the protection of a glove (or film) but sometimes you don’t and shouldn’t.