September 27, 2013

Makepeace, Williamson and Welby Oh My! Part I

Author: Dan Rieple

This past March my wife and I made a long overdue trip to England.  Though like the US it has its issues, I love that country almost as much as ours.  While there, we had the great pleasure of visiting two furniture artists and the great honor to meet and attend the Enthronement of the new Archbishop of Canterbury (the ABC as only the UK press can say).

First John Makepeace;  Here is a quiet unassuming gentleman (his wife is a sweetheart as well) that to say “he thinks and designs out of the box” would be a gross understatement.  Though no  longer putting  his hand to the actual making, he is very much at the top of his game in the design and overseeing.  His pieces range from the rectilinear with a twist to the highly organic with an edge.  Did I use the adjectives visionary and driven yet?  Both apply.  Though mostly removed from it now, he and his wife bought Parnum House, and created a specialized and prestigious furniture design school located in a beautiful English village in Dorset.  (Not to mention the most beautiful gardens that were open to the public once a year.)

He is all over the internet and here is a link to some eye-popping stuff by Mr. Makepeace, but if you want a hard copy that includes a bunch of other furniture artists, Furniture With Soul by David Savage is outstanding.

Next time, Rupert Williamson…hang on to your knickers.

John Makepeace