October 29, 2012

Tools are Tools but...

Author: Fine Ideas Furniture

Old machines are a bit like an old friend.  They are consistent, predictable, and faithful.  Though I haven’t researched it, a Stroke Sander must be one of the earliest sanding machines ever made.  They are still made today and range from the basic (which requires skill) to the highly sophisticated (which requires technical prowess).  Mine ( a Davis Wells) is old, it is basic, it requires skill.  Unlike a feed through (wide belt or drum) with my old sander the operator determines the amount of pressure and the location to be sanded.  If you remove the guards you have a large drum sander.  With some minor additions, you have an edge sander.  You can even file your finger nails (but your finger tips will most likely be included in the manicure) or grind a nice groove in your finger. In short, it can hurt you if your stupid but it is a great and productive machine that is usually low cost.  My other favorite machine is one that can kill you if your stupid but I’ll talk about that later.  Here are a few photos sanding showing my old friend at work.