Well we have taken our once-every-decade (nearly) tech leap.  Besides a computer, router and soon a printer upgrade, we have also purchased a little thing called a Surface.  Rather than jumping the fence into the Apple orchard, we have chosen to remain in the wilds of the PC jungle.  Why would we not make the […]

Yes it’s that time of year again when we who dream up, draw up, cut up, fit up, finish up, and then hope we have energy to show up at various shows to display our original pieces of art furniture.  It’s a risky business…it’s sort of the adult version of, “Hey Mommy, do you like […]

In general I would say, leave the jewels and take the tools.  In deciding what to take, my thinking went mostly like this…”Assuming I will loose it all, there is no way I can load the big stuff and though it would be expensive to replace, it could be.  What I will need most however […]

You’ve probably heard of Blue Stain Pine or Beetle-Kill Pine.  If so, then you probably know that the western pine beetle and a few of it’s buddies (Ips and turpine beetles) are responsible for the death of literally millions of acres of pine forest in both the US and Canada.  Forest fires have also taken […]

Old machines are a bit like an old friend.  They are consistent, predictable, and faithful.  Though I haven’t researched it, a Stroke Sander must be one of the earliest sanding machines ever made.  They are still made today and range from the basic (which requires skill) to the highly sophisticated (which requires technical prowess).  Mine […]