Done at last!  “A Tavola” is the colaboration of a bronze/ceramic sculptor named Richard Pankratz and a woodworker/sculptor named Dan Rieple.  Hey, that’s me!  But enough about me. It has been a great pleasure working with Richard.  He is a serious artist that thinks quite a distance out of the box.  He and I combined […]

A few years ago I won several awards at the Cody High Style show for the desk I call “The Least of These”.  As I have relived that day and have imagined the possibility of future awards, I can’t help but think how similar it is to the Oscars or the Grammys.  I know…it seams […]

I’ve just discovered Pinterest. What a fun way to see new things and share them with others who appreciate them too! This is how I discovered David Savage. His story is extraordinary – his furniture is as well. David began as artist, struggling through various challenges in life, and finally landing on his true love […]

We have a Border Collie named Cocoa that we are trying to train to move cattle in the direction we want them to go.  That last bit…”In the direction we want them to go” is the tough part.  Cocoa has no problem moving cattle and loves living on the edge of being kicked but is […]

Saw the screening for this very well done and inspiring documentary.  I don’t think the majority of us Yanks can even imagine the carnage that happened or how it could happen in Rwanda (Burundi as well but that is a different story). What is even more amazing is the grace, and forgiveness, and hope that […]