September 15, 2013

Tech Upgrade

Author: Dan Rieple

Well we have taken our once-every-decade (nearly) tech leap.  Besides a computer, router and soon a printer upgrade, we have also purchased a little thing called a Surface.  Rather than jumping the fence into the Apple orchard, we have chosen to remain in the wilds of the PC jungle.  Why would we not make the switch ask most of you apple crunchers?  A few reasons actually…first, my dear brother-in-law Rick who is extremely tech savvy (he flew F-15’s for Sam’s sake) said to me, “Basically you have two choices…switch to Mac and be frustrated for a few weeks or perhaps months learning how to use it and then love it (which he does) or stay with the PC with almost no learning curve and continue on with the occasional viral and operating challenges.”  Secondly, we are not heavy graphic “lifters” so the Mac would be under-utilized.  And thirdly, cost.  Though I am certain the Mac is worth every dime to the graphic user, which we are not, we will be getting all this stuff for about 60% to 70% of the cost to jump into the Apple orchard.  A besides, who wants to follow Adam and Eve’s example anyway?

Oh ya…and the Surface seems quite extraordinary so far and we have the basic model.