June 9, 2012

Hard Headed and Soft Hearted

Author: Fine Ideas Furniture

We have a Border Collie named Cocoa that we are trying to train to move cattle in the direction we want them to go.  That last bit…”In the direction we want them to go” is the tough part.  Cocoa has no problem moving cattle and loves living on the edge of being kicked but is often clueless about what the objective is, or better said what our objective is.  Her objective is to get them to run, chase them and get them to run again and then chase them and get them to run again etc. etc. etc.  It’s good for the cattle’s cardio vascular system but not for weight gain which is the long term goal.

Today she was totally out of control and we came down on her pretty hard with the scolding and had to grab her by the scruff and contain her.  She knew we were not pleased with her because afterward she did every trick and cute thing she could think of to please us and get back in our good graces.  And did I mention lot’s of whining and talking I call it, and a great need for affection which she got.

Hard headed and soft hearted…it’s workable.  The opposite is not.

The video is just over a minute long but also have a look at our friend’s red heeler Bindi. Now that is a working dog living on the edge!

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