October 10, 2012

Cody High Style (part 1)

Author: Fine Ideas Furniture

The Cody High Style has come and gone again, and again it was a very well run show with great pieces designed and built by great artists.  Are they artisans or artist? I’m not sure I know the difference.  If there is a difference, then at this show the line is steadily and increasingly blurring.

And the winners were…my friends and fellow creators.  Jimmy Covert, ever the maker of the finest kicked up specimens of the much revered Mr. Molesworth.  With Jimmy’s stuff you will always get your Molesworth.  Kevin Showell and his rocking horse made a run for the roses and got them, and they should have.  What a beautiful piece!  Doug Nordberg takes the antler furniture to another level.  Antlers have become ivory or is it porcelain?  I know…bone china.  Whatever it is it looks great.