Game On Table with Morgan Freeman "Game on” is made of scrub oak. The top is a book-matched slab with a felted recess to contain the game board. Supporting the top is an oyster veneered arch and two legs which pierce the top. The drawers below hold the chess pieces, backgammon chips, and dice shakers. The knobs are made of polished white tailed antler bases. “Game on” is a unique and exquisite piece designed to bring pleasure to the eye, the hand, and the competitive intellect.   This very lovely piece of furniture was custom made for my house in Mississippi. It's artistry beauty and uniqueness are incomparably extraordinary.
Morgan Freeman

Mahogany Pedestal Few individuals combine an artistic eye, engineering principles, woodworking skills, and a drive to perfection like Dan Rieple. His pieces are beautiful, functional, sturdy, and of the finest fit and finish. We are blessed to own nine of his pieces, including end tables, sculpture display tables, wine holders, and chairs. His pieces are works that deserve to be passed for generations. They are timeless and enduring, made to be used and enjoyed, yet stand the test of time.
Terry & Nancy Theken

Gun Cabinet with Rotating Display Today, it is rare to combine old world skills , craftsmanship, and an artist’s eye in building unique furnishings. You have all of these qualities and more in Dan Rieple of Fine Ideas Furniture. The unique gun cabinet Dan built is a priceless treasure to me and will endure with our hunting family for each generation to follow.”
Dr Rick Parker

Tusk Pedestal with Mount Here is a picture of my pedestal mount of impala my wife and I took in South Africa in 2008. I am so impressed with Fine Ideas Furniture. They were able to work directly with my taxidermist to create this mount that looks absolutely perfect along with my campaign furniture I got from them. What an amazing company and I can’t wait to work with Dan and Susie again for my sable mount.