A few years ago I wrote a not-so-little blog that clarified why the things artists and artisans create are so expensive.  It was pretty good I guess since a few people responded with things like, “That never occurred to me” or “That makes total sense”.  Anyway, nowhere on my computer or in cyberspace can I […]

A few days ago I was showing some friends a little vanity stool a client asked me to design and create.  It isn’t often one gets to do both, but that is another discussion.  It isn’t big, but it is a bit unusual in that the seat is suspended from the arms by four ropes.  […]

I don’t love love love love my tools.  My wife and daughters yes, but not my tools.  I do however, almost love the work that fine tools help us do.  There isn’t a nicer sound than the long hiss of a well tuned jointer plane offering up a wood curl just a few cells thick.  Further […]

If asked to name the greatest American architect you know of, who would it be?  I’ll bet you picked Frank.  Yes, the illustrious, flamboyant and dare I say arrogant, Frank Lloyd Wright.  I wonder, when he truly was as good as he was, and knew it as a matter of fact, can that be called […]

My most recent creation, a commission actually, is a valet chair, complete with hangers, hat stand, belt hook and junk tray.   The part of the chair where the hangers hang on which also form the two center rungs of the chair, are made of forged bronze.  The top ends are forged into a taper and […]