October 14, 2013

Makepeace, Williamson and Welby Oh My! Part II

Author: Dan Rieple

Rupert Williamson, though lesser known than Makepeace is every bit as gifted.  When it comes to chair design, I’d call him a Rocket.  Oh he can and has done other stuff as well. A bookcase that looks like undulating seaweed, is very much a jaw dropper.  I only saw the pictures and the model but I was still left wondering, “How in the heck did he do that?”  I wondered that a lot as I looked at and sat in various pieces of Rupert’s work.  In addition to extraordinary design, Rupert still keeps his hand in the glue and on the mallet.  He makes a model for the more complex pieces and builds it himself with the occasional help from a studio mate.  He told me what he likes most is for a client to give him the parameters of what they want and then turn him loose to “solve the problem”.  That would be a “No problem” from what I saw.  Rupert is also an accomplished nature photographer and draws much inspiration from his surroundings.  Me too Rupert…does it get any better than creation?  If you want to see more of this “Rocket” go to his website and drool over the images.

Next time The Most Reverend and Right Honourable Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury (aka The ABC).  No you won’t have to bow your head and fold your hands, he’s just a man (albeit a very bright one) and he knows it.  A visionary of a different ilk.