Dan Rieple

Dan Rieple Fine Ideas Furniture Larkspur ColoradoI first fell in love with woodworking when I was fourteen years old. My dad, a bricklayer, had already stirred my interest in woodwork he had made for my sister. The Industrial Arts program in my high school nurtured my interest further. During that time I made several pieces of furniture and began to develop my skills in what has now been my profession for thirty years. Though mostly self-taught a good deal of learning came by way of my Industrial Arts degree from Colorado State University.

I still love woodworking today as it is always challenging, with no end to the styles, shapes, designs and combinations of material. Handcrafted furniture is unique; not mass produced like so many things today. Each piece of furniture I create is functional fine art made to provide pleasure for many lifetimes. In our disposable society like ours it is refreshing to make, as well as to own, timeless pieces of furniture with soul.



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