August 5, 2012

It's Been a Pleasure

Author: Fine Ideas Furniture

Done at last!  “A Tavola” is the colaboration of a bronze/ceramic sculptor named Richard Pankratz and a woodworker/sculptor named Dan Rieple.  Hey, that’s me!  But enough about me.

It has been a great pleasure working with Richard.  He is a serious artist that thinks quite a distance out of the box.  He and I combined our talents to create what both of us agree is an unusual dinner table.  Purple heart, maple and exquisite bronze all sculpted into a soft and sensual piece that you can actually eat off of.  ” A Tavola” or “To the Table Let’s Eat”, was a head scratcher but working with a fine, fine artist like Mr. Pankratz was a not only a Fine Idea but a great pleasure.

Here is a little teaser pic.  You’ll have to wait for the rest or better yet, join us in Loveland, Colorado for Sculpture in the Park August 11th and 12th.