August 7, 2013

It's Showtime !

Author: Fine Ideas Furniture

Yes it’s that time of year again when we who dream up, draw up, cut up, fit up, finish up, and then hope we have energy to show up at various shows to display our original pieces of art furniture.  It’s a risky business…it’s sort of the adult version of, “Hey Mommy, do you like the picture I just made for you?” The difference being that “Mommy” is the public and the public can be painfully honest.  Honest is good…it’s the painfully part that can be painful.  We have to be tough to do shows, and we have to believe that we have a gift.  That gift, at least in my case, conceives an idea, the idea gestates awhile, and then like an unborn child, beautiful or not, must be birthed.  So, if your headed to an art show or a craft show (which are sometimes crap shows) in the future you may well see things that have you thinking, “What in the hell is this or that!”  Thinking it is ok.  No bullets have left the barrel yet.  But keep the safety on, and if tact and diplomacy are your weakness, just say, “Interesting” and move on.  No one gets bloodied.

 Hope to see you at the Loveland Sculpture in the Park this weekend August 10-11, The Front Range Open Studio event September 14/15 and the Cody High Style & Rendezvous Royale this September 18-22

Sculpture in the Park