So as not to make my blogs a bore, I have separated up my report from the show. When it comes to my favorite things at the show, my last but definitely not least, is Jenny Booth. She has done to an elk shed (not to be confused with a wood shed) what I think […]

The Cody High Style has come and gone again, and again it was a very well run show with great pieces designed and built by great artists.  Are they artisans or artist? I’m not sure I know the difference.  If there is a difference, then at this show the line is steadily and increasingly blurring. […]

I’m sure with a few keystrokes and clicks a person can learn the origin of our Labor Day holiday but at the moment I can’t tell you what it is.  Maybe it’s because our family was a little confused about how to observe or celebrate it.  You see, more often than not we labored.  And […]

It has occurred to me that square, cubic, straight, flat and angular design elements are pretty much man’s idea.  They seldom occur in nature and thank God for that.  A recent trip to Lake Powell was a revelation as to the endlessness of light, shape and texture.  An inimitable playground for the imagination.  “Hey that […]

Sometimes you need a tough finish and sometimes you don’t.  In the case of a dining table I prefer to use a finish that will endure most of the punishment that normal dinners dish out.  And yes the pun was intended.  I use conversion varnish, which in short, is a post catalyzed film finish that […]