Display Cabinet

Product dimensions

48"W x 25"D x 60"H

Wood Type

Black Walnut, Claro Walnut & Osage Orange


There are now three versions of this Display Cabinet. Most recently, I built one out of Quilted Maple.  This a softish maple variety from the north west, which has a most extraordinary grain.  Most of the material used here was "Presentation" grade, which is normally reserved for solid body guitars. This version has frame-less  glass doors with custom, fabricated, and hammered bronze hinges. The touch latch push plates are also hammered bronze.  Bronze pieces have a silver patina. This version is slightly larger - 50"W x 28"D x 65" H. The second one was built with a variation on the back and the doors. The wood is still Claro Walnut, the top is made up of a solid Claro Walnut, hand textured around the top and supported by walnut legs, attached with walnut bridges. In this version, the pulls and hinges are made of Wenge. Glass shelves and leaded glass front are a variation on the first Display cabinet which had a stained glass back that provided back lighting for the display items. One aspect that was exploited was the presence of a graft line and the two varieties of walnut in the same tree...those being English and Claro.

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