Cleave - a Buffet

Wood Type

Ash, Wenge


When you hear the word cleave, what do you think of? Cleaver? If you’re a butcher maybe. Cleavage? If you’re a typical man probably. Cleaving to each other? If you are husband and wife I hope so. It’s a strange word and one that I have pondered over the years. Unlike the word, raised (to arise or lift up) and razed (to demolish and level) which mean complete opposites, are pronounced the same but are spelled differently, cleave can mean complete opposites (depending on the context) but is spelled exactly the same. How can this be you may ask? Or, who really cares? That maybe more likely your question. Well, here is a piece of furniture I have recently created which I have entitled, you guessed it, “Cleaved”. I think it embodies both definitions in one context. Made of ash, wenge and bronze it is both divided and joined. A bit of a departure from my usual flowing organic style, I actually had to employ the use of a square. It was as much a “head scratcher” as any piece I have created but I am very pleased with the outcome.

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