Out on a Limb - a Bookcase

Wood Type



For a while now, I have wanted to make a piece that seemed to defy gravity. “Out on a Limb” appears to achieve that goal. The combination of conventional joinery and organic flowing lines, make for a piece that is both pleasing to view and strong enough to use. The shelves are made from 2 inch material which was heavily sculpted but I made them to look like they appear light and delicate when in fact due to the joinery and on-edge orientation of the support members are very tough. Besides the visual, I have incorporated a tactile element on the underside of the shelves, a slightly bumpy but smooth surface pleasing to the light touch. I had envisioned a piece that would provide an elegant home for a special paining, book, sculpture, photo or whatever, with space between the shelves for something fairly large while still providing ample separation.  

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