From Russia with Leaves

Product dimensions

50" w x 80"l x 29"h, with extensions add 26" total length

Wood Type

Russian Olive, Walnut, Saguaro Cactus, Wenge


This dining table was a commission. I was given size/seating parameters and then I came up with an idea that would utilize a semi "live edge" flavor on the Russian Olive top and the "undercarriage" utilizes elements of a previous design. I have done this leg design before and know it to not only look good, but it offers quick knee space due to the curve. The leaf support is something I designed a few years ago and made a couple changes. Putting leaves on the end of a table prevents the gunge buildup you find on tables with center leaves. As for the leaf storage, that was a new creation. It has probably been done before in some fashion but I have never seen it. It works very well and I will definitely do it again.  This table makes wonderful cuisine a dining experience!    

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