The River

Product dimensions

48”wide x 108”

Wood Type

Walnut, Corrugated Metal, Blue Epoxy


Made from two walnut slabs with the live edge toward the river.  The “River” has a couple of long islands.  These add interest and also take up space, ie less epoxy resin.  There is an LED strip light cavity under the table that is powered by an on board rechargeable battery.  The base is made from the same tree slabs and rusty corrugated steel with a torch cut bottom edge.  The torched edge looks like it would injure but it is really quite smooth…ish, plus it is high enough to slouch and sprawl with legs fully extended. As one does after a lovely lamb dinner. The finish?  Conversion varnish.  Clean it with a damp cloth and don’t worry about the occasional spill.  Just don’t let it sit for hours.  Will it scratch?  You betcha. Everything does and everything will.  Use place mats.  Some dishes are worse than others and hand thrown pottery, beautiful as it is, can be the worst, but all have an unglazed area where they contact a table surface.  Pretty much like sitting a sanding block down on your table.  Don’t do that!  Slide it and voilà…the table (all tables) is scratched.  It’s gonna happen but the life span of the surface can be greatly prolonged by the use of place mats.   Did I mention that the epoxy “river” has a glow in the dark additive?  It does…it prevents those wandering into the kitchen at night from falling into the river.

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